Teaching Experiences

Fall 2019

MATSE 421: Corrosion Engineering

Introduction to the corrosion field and more broadly to the principles of electrochemistry

  • Created grading rubrics and evaluated two midterm exams
  • Assessed weekly homework assignments using constructed rubrics
  • Planned and delivered two guest lectures for 40 students
  • Accommodated extracurricular assistance with course material
  • Hosted weekly office hours for students to further engage with course material
Spring 2019

MATSE 402: Materials Process Kinetics

Modelling materials processes through mass, energy, and momentum balances

  • Prepared and delivered two guest lectures for 90 students
  • Graded weekly homework assignments
  • Hosted weekly office hours for students to further engage with course material
  • Planned three extracurricular reviews sessions for exam preparation
  • Reviewed and edited three exams before dissemination to students
  • Proctored three midterm exams
Fall 2018

Graduate Student Online Teaching Certificate

Completion of Online Teaching Program

Teaching face-to-face and teaching in the online environment have similarities, but there are also significant differences requiring a broader set of skills to meet the challenges of the online environment. The Graduate Student Online Teaching Certificate indicates proficiency in effective online teaching with respect to best practices and competencies.

Spring 2017

MATSE 462: General Properties Laboratory in Materials

Introduction to comparative physical material properties, including mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties

  • Instructed students on laboratory experiments and characterization techniques (AFM, SEM/EDS, DSC/TGA) as a substitute for hired teaching assistants
  • Graded informal laboratory reports
Fall 2016

MATSE 460: Introductory Laboratory in Materials

Introduction to sample preparation and analysis of metals, polymers, ceramics, and other materials

  • Guided weekly laboratory experiments (XRD, DSC/TGA, DMA) and discussions with 22 students
  • Developed new standard lesson plan for thermogravimetric analysis
  • Graded informal laboratory reports
  • Awarded the George H. K. Schenck Teaching Assistant Award for exemplary performance¬†as a graduate teaching assistant