Science Communication
& Policy

Provided a free Election Day carpool service to bring State College citizens to and from their off-campus polling locations

Organized an event where five STEM professionals in the LGBTQ+ community discussed their research/work and then fielded questions from the audience by participating in a moderated panel

Coordinated travel for six Science Policy Society members to discuss their research and federal research funding with nongovernmental organizations (AAAS, NIH, UCS) and Congressional offices (Rep. Conor Lamb)

Wrote an article for the Union of Concerned Scientists onĀ Starting a Local Science Cafe

Invited Gina McCarthy, Previous Administrator of the EPA under President Obama and current President and CEO of NRDC, to speak at Penn State

Led Science on Tap Program from 2017 to 2018. Science on Tap is a monthly science outreach program where Penn State researchers talk about their research and answer any questions about the science, the field, and more. Monthly attendance was ~52 people, 42% increase in part due to venue change to accommodate increased attendance.

Discussed batteries and electrochemistry on the Curioscity podcast

Promoted the Science on Tap program and discussed scientific topics, including genes, solar energythe science of texture and flavor with regards to ice cream on 98.7 The FREQ