Science Policy Society

At Penn State, Science Policy Society (SPS) is a student group that bridges gaps between scientists/engineers and local communities, as well as teaching and learning about science policy and the related issues that faces communities as a whole.

SPS hosts a monthly event called Science on Tap, where Penn State researchers leave the lab bench, pick up a beverage, and discuss their research with the local community. The relaxed atmosphere promotes an environment in which people can feel comfortable asking the burning questions they have but may not have felt comfortable to ask before.

2019: Executive Mentor
2018: President
2017: Science on Tap Coordinator
2016: Science on Tap Committee Member

WTAJ TV Report
98.7 FREQ Interview

Materials Research Society

The Materials Research Society Penn State Chapter brings together students, faculty, and professionals who focus on materials-related work to further the exchange of knowledge and promote professional development. Events also include social events and outreach events to discuss our knowledge of materials science with the greater community.

2016-2018: Member


Materials’ Safety Olympics

The Materials Research Institute (MRI) hosts an annual competition among students, faculty, and staff based on common lab safety practices and procedures, such as speed gowning, safety taboo, and bottle sorting. The event is a way to increase safety awareness and promote safety culture across multiple departments at Penn State.

2017: Safety Taboo Lead, General Committee Member

2015 AIChE Northeast Regional Conference

In March 2015, Northeastern University co-hosted the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Northeast Student Conference. Events hosted include a career fair, research poster competition, research paper competition, chemE jeopardy competition, lab tours, student workshops, and the AIChE chem-e-car competition.

2015: Co-Chair

Northeastern University Chem-E-Car Team

An undergraduate student competition for AIChE. The goal of the competition is to use chemical controls and processes to propel a car autonomously to a distance specified at competition. Chemical processes that have been implemented by the Northeastern team include microbial fuel cells, bioluminescent clocks, and aluminum air batteries.

2015-2016: Senior Advisor
2014-2015: Co-Captain

Northeastern University AIChE Chapter

Northeastern University’s AIChE chapter is the professional student organization for chemical engineers. The group provides students access to professional networking events, academic panels and connections, and social gatherings with fellow chemical engineers and engineers of other disciplines.

2015-2016: Vice President of Events, Social Chair
2014-2015: Social Chair
2013-2014: Third Year Class Representative