About Me


I’m a Ph.D student in Materials Science and Engineering at Penn State University and my hometown is Quincy, MA! My research looks at how to make recycling nuclear fuel more efficient and how to reduce corrosion of gas turbines and engines. My field involves a lot of electrochemistry and I aim to develop novel nuclear energy and energy storage solutions (while getting into some policy and teaching along the way!) If you want to learn a little more, check out my profile on Unique Scientists!

Musical Theater Nerd

I absolutely love musicals and take every possible opportunity to see a show if I can. I’ve made my way to Phantom, Wicked, RENT, Book of Mormon, Hamilton, and a few others here and there. Some day I plan on assembling all of my playbills into one central location, but until then they shall sit in various shoeboxes of memories.

Beaches and Oceans

Growing up a 10 minute walk from a Boston area beach, I’ve always loved the smell of the salt air and the sound of waves crashing on the shore. I have a personal goal to jump into every major body of water I pass by on any trip. It’s led to some very cold (Alaska) and interesting (Galway Bay) experiences!

It’s been a little difficult being in the middle of Pennsylvania, but even the middle of PA has it’s beautiful spots, like Black Moshannon and Whipple Dam.

Crafting and Design

I love celebrations of any kind. I really get into creating funky and interesting decorations when I can. On the left are some designs, food placards, and posters from a Super Smash Bros party my fiance and I hosted.

Sports and the Olympics

I’m a die-hard Boston sports fan and I swear half of my wardrobe consists of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and pants adorned with all of the teams’ logos.


Also the Olympics as a whole are incredible! I try to pick up a little piece that relates to the Olympics when I visit previous host cities (like Seoul on the left). I’ve even had the opportunity to swim/run in some of the arenas that previously hosted the Olympics, including Seoul and Berlin.